Ear Candles
At The Retreat we offer both Hopi and Otosan ear candles.
Native American Indians have used this therapy for centuries to revitalise the head and ears. The hollow bees-wax candle is a hand made organic product.
The client relaxes on their side. The candle is lit and gently placed in the outer ear. A crackling sound is heard as the candle burns down in a controlled manner.
The process is then repeated on the other side.
This removes unwanted wax build up from the ears without discomfort leaving you clear-headed with a heightened sense of hearing.
Either treatment is particularly good for sinus problems, congestion, cold and fly symptoms. Ear candles can be combined with other treatments such as Indian Head Massage.

Hopi/Otosan Ear Candle - 45 mins £35.00

N.B. Please inform your therapist of any relevant medical condition prior to any Holistic treatment.

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